Founded in 1999 by Derek William Hunter, dhp11 (Derek Hunter and Partners) Limited has an extensive history in the design, creation and delivery of bespoke software solutions to complex challenges.

For over 20 years, we've provided an inclusive service for infrastructure and utility organisations, and have a proven track record for delivering cost-effective, reliable systems that help to build and maintain assets across the country. We've worked with organisations in the UK water, oil and electricity sectors, as well as the construction and transportation sectors across the world.

Now, we're venturing into 3D space with our Oasis products, aiming to help streamline and improve upon the current site design workflows for telecoms, construction, transport, and beyond. With Oasis 3D, we've already helped to design over 500 telecoms sites, helping to build up the UK's extensive mobile signal networks.

Since dhp11 Limited began, we've succesfully completed over 1000 individual projects for organisations across the world - here's to 1000 more!

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