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Date Reference Description Days Status
2011-03-24 Tornado Touch Wish 0001 Paths for debug/abend    
2011-03-24 Tornado Touch Wish 0002 Auto-scan 'non-tiled' directory to create extents file    
2011-03-24 Tornado Touch Wish 0003 Service to delete files    
2011-03-24 Tornado Touch Wish 0004 Separate directory for cache    
2011-03-24 Tornado Touch Wish 0005 Requests for generated files and ability to terminate them    
2011-03-24 Tornado Touch Wish 0006 Auto-trim gazetteer from extents    
2011-03-24 Tornado Touch Wish 0007 Overview/splash-screen with 1px per km image    
2011-03-24 Tornado Touch Wish 0008 Installable data sets by county / OS boundary-line    
2011-03-24 Tornado Touch Wish 0009 Birds eye view    
2011-03-24 Tornado Touch Wish 0010 Add features to database    
2011-05-25 Tornado Touch Wish 0011 Update position of overview    
2011-05-25 Tornado Touch Wish 0012 GPS position marker / icon    
2011-05-25 Tornado Touch Wish 0013 Show current / my location GPS position    
2011-05-25 Tornado Touch Wish 0014 No map coverage background image    
2011-05-25 Tornado Touch Wish 0015 Street map navigation tools    
2011-05-25 Tornado Touch Wish 0016 Street location marker    
2011-05-25 Tornado Touch Wish 0017 Show street map zoom area in overview    


  • Date - When the item was added to the wish list.
  • Reference - Link to a detailed description of the item.
  • Description - A short description of the item.
  • Days - Number of development days to implement the change. If the Days column is blank then it means that we haven't yet been able to estimate how long the work would take, possibly because we need more detail or possibly because WPD have indicated that it is of low priority. If the Days column is set to 0.0 then this means that dhp11 will do this item without charge, in most cases because it is a wish-list item that only relates to the internal code and not necessarily something that Delta Rail will notice a benefit from.
  • Status - This field is blank if the change is awaiting approval. When the item is approved this field will contain a link to the change number. It may also be marked 'No longer required' or occasionally contain a link to a support and maintenance item.
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