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SnakeGrid Transformer


Current version is SnakeGrid Transformer Installation Version 08-00-024

Development version is SnakeGrid Transformer Installation Version 08-00-025

See: SnakeGrid Transformer Installation Guide


snakegrid screenshort 00.png snakegrid screenshort 01.png snakegrid screenshort 02.png
snakegrid screenshort 03.png snakegrid screenshort 04.png snakegrid screenshort 05.png

snakegrid screenshort 06.png snakegrid screenshort 07.png snakegrid screenshort 08.png
snakegrid screenshort 09.png snakegrid screenshort 10.png snakegrid screenshort 11.png

Current Issues

  • Following MicroStation element(s) moved by origin (single point) only:
    • CELL
    • TEXT
    • CONE (move by BASE point)
  • Following MicroStation element(s) that are converted to line strings by default (NOTE: SGRD_MAINTAIN_ELEMENT_TYPE1 will keep the following element types the same as the original):
    • ARC
    • CURVE
    • NOTE: The above element types are converted with a tolerance of 1 uor per master unit. All LINEAR elements are transformed with a tolerance of 0.
  • MicroStation COMPLEX CHAIN element always translated to LINESTRING
  • No transformation of MicroStation element(s): BSPLINE, SOLID, SURFACE, TAG
  • No transformation of MicroStation elements (i.e. SHAPE, CELL, SHARED CELL, etc) containing associated patterns (NOTE: Using the OFIX tool may resolve these issues).
  • No transformation of linear elements with 'less than' 2 points
  • Current transformation restricted to specific area (i.e. SnakeGrid 'XRAIL09', 'GWPBS09')
  • Locked MicroStation element(s) are reported but not moved
  • Raster file issues:
    • Raster file attachment(s) that are 'lost/invalid' are removed automatically (but not reported)
    • No transformation of embedded raster/image file elements
    • All attached raster/image files are converted to PNG files before being transformed and re-attached
  • Reference file issues:
    • Reference file attachment(s) that are 'lost/invalid' are removed automatically (but not reported)
    • Nested reference file attachments are not supported
  • No transformation of height/z coordinates (NOTE: A 3D V8 design file can be processed but all height/z coordinates will remain unchanged)
  • Only MicroStation design (DGN) files can be transformed (NOTE: If file type is either AutoCad DWG or DXF, then the file will need to be translated to MicroStation DGN).
  • No transformation of MicroStation Sheet models. A MicroStation Sheet is usually used for presentation purposes, or plot generation - therefore does not contain the coordinate range/information required by the SnakeGrid Transformer.
  • No transformation of MicroStation CELL elements which contain the following element(s): SOLID
  • The components within MicroStation 'unnamed' CELL elements are transformed as single elements - but remain 'grouped' within the single CELL element after transformation (e.g. a shape element with holes).

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