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Duplicate cells.

2011-06-15 Initial call from Robert

"The translator seems to be re-classifying cells incorrectly. As Rob explained - if three map files were being being translated - the cells in map tiles 1 and 2 would duplicated, while the last file would be OK. If 10 files were translated the file 1-9 would contain duplicate cells, while file 10 would be OK."

See Internal.2011-06-15#RobertHammond for full message.

2011-06-17 Follow-up email from Robert

"When you translate two or more full load GZ files it runs through the first GZ file, at which point there are only elements in green on level 60. Once it has called and run uxtrt.exe on the second GZ file it updates the first set of tiles with a duplicated set of cells in red on level 61. The cell names include 'FlowA', 'Point', 'Culver', and 'BenchM'. I have included a txt file with my code and a zipped DGN with the duplicated elements on level 61."

See Internal.2011-06-17#RobertHammond for full message and attachments.

2011-06-17 Ask Robert for files

"Please send the .gz files that you used to create the ss5288.td7 so I can replicate this issue."

2011-06-17 Robert sends files

Bug-fix Information

Duplicate cells are displayed in previously processed .td7 files.

Supplied files include:

Link Description Contains file SS5288.td7 which shows the duplicate cell issue Code created by WPD for MM-TOPO translation 'Full load' OS MasterMap files 'Update' OS MasterMap files

To replicate the error:

  1. Install version 045 of the translator
  2. Copy 70406-SS4884-5i18.gz to c:\program files\dhp11\MM Topo\70406-SS4884-5i18.gz
  3. Copy change0007.bat to directory c:\program files\dhp11\MM Topo\
  4. Copy the file tilelist.lst to directory c:\program files\dhp11\MM Topo
  5. Run the file c:\program files\dhp11\MM Topo\change0007.bat which creates the file c:\program files\dhp11\MM Topo\ss5288.td7
  6. All cells in c:\program files\dhp11\MM Topo\ss5288.td7 are duplicated, i.e. one green and one red.

I think the issue is related to the 'Reds & Greens' WPD.Change 0004 - with the cell elements being classified as modified features. The correct interpretation of these should be:

  • If a 'modified feature' with a matching TOID exists in the design file, then:
    • If the elements symbology matches the '-addlvl=60' value, then the element will be deleted and re-created (using the symbology from the configuration file)

2011-06-21 Closed

Modified function iUxtr_rtUstfileFidsDeleteByLevel() in UXTR to compare the level of the first element inside cells, otherwise just compare the level of the actual element.
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change0007.batbat change0007.bat manage 542 bytes 17 Jun 2011 - 13:18 Main.adk MM-TOPO batch file used to replicate error for WPD.Change0007
tilelist.lstlst tilelist.lst manage 12 bytes 20 Jun 2011 - 11:17 Main.adk MM-TOPO tile list file used to replicate error for WPD.Change0007
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